Some New Beers, Some Fresh Beers, Some Rare Beers!

A few beauties that came in for beer at the end of the week
Definitely don’t miss the Toppling Goliath (limits apply), they will go fast.

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Come to our Very First “Try Something New” Wine Tasting!

We Will be Having the First in a Series of Recurring Wine Tastings that Will be Known as our “Try Something New” Series!

Almost everyone wants to “try something new” but sometimes it’s difficult to have an outlet to do so.  We are giving you that outlet!  There will be 5 tables, all pouring an assortment of different types of wines.  There will be something for everyone!  You may discover that your favorite wine is one you have yet to try!  Don’t miss this tasting…it’s here at our very own store from 2-5 p.m.  Also, this large tasting is free of charge!

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We’re Here to Help you Prepare for Easter or Passover!

We’re Hard at Work Making Sure you Have the Best for your Easter or Passover Celebration!
We have 14 wines that are Kosher for Passover (Mevushal) as well as Manischewitz, on top of our collection of other Kosher wines.  We also picked out some special wines to feature for Easter (a couple of outstanding sale items here) for those of you celebrating that holiday!  If you need something different we’d love to be able to help!

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Premium European Wines Inc. Wine Tasting Coming Soon!

This is Yet Another Wine Tasting at Colonial Spirits That you Won’t Want to Miss!
Premium European Wines Inc is a locally based wine distributor that started right here in Acton, MA.  They’ll be here to show you their amazing portfolio on Friday, March 16th from 4-7 p.m!  They represent a collection of small wineries (from Europe in case that wasn’t obvious yet!).  All of these wineries share the same philosophy as the distributor-charitable giving back to the community and wines that tell a story.  These are not “brands” so much as they are wines that the winemakers are incredibly proud to make and serve.

Support local and stop by to try what a few people from the Acton area have in store!  Click here for more event information! 

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Some of the Best German Beer We’ve Ever Tasted

This is a stellar lineup of German beer.  They can be just as exciting as any modern American hoppy beer, either in their simplicity or in their innovation, as is the case of the dry-hopped lager on the right by Braukunst Keller (and it’s the best example I’ve tried, at that).

I felt compelled to get the word out about these.  This importer is claiming to be on the lookout for freshness, a problem which has, mostly unknowingly to consumers, plagued the German beer market for some time.  These beers also have understandable dating on them (another problem with most imported beers).

I will also say, I had the Distelhauser Landbier (classified as a German Dunkel lager) with some German-made Bratwurst the other night and it was one o

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The Big Game is Fast Approaching and Colonial Spirits is Prepared!

The Biggest Football Game of the Year is Fast Approaching!
We worked very hard this year to make sure we have excellent deals on the brands that you want to drink during the big game.  In addition to our huge amount of items already on sale, we have over 40 additional items on sale through Sunday, February 4th!  No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have a great sale for you!  The full ad is located at the bottom of this post for your convenience.
The Best Beer is Here!
We have the easy drinking craft lager and hoppy offerings shown here on sale this weekend only, as well as many others!



In the Mood for Some Beer Value?
We have several craft 12 packs on deep sale including these shown!  Also, we have popular

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