Colonial Spirits Selects its Own Single Barrels of Whiskey!

Did you know that Colonial Spirits tastes and selects its own single barrels of whiskey from a few different distilleries?

This practice is only employed at the finest stores that know quality! Every year, we go through samples from different barrels to make certain they will be of high quality and interesting character when compared with the base whiskey.  Look for the metallic sticker denoting a single barrel selection.  You’re getting a single barrel whiskey at the same price as the original whiskey!
Single Barrel Bourbon has incredible nuances!
Our bottling will be slightly different than a bottle purchased anywhere else.  Each barrel ages differently in the distillery based on temperature, time, humidity, the build of the barrel

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Beer Delivery Day is Always One of Our Favorite Days at Colonial Spirits!

Today was a great day beer delivery day, we have a TON of new stuff.  Actually, not all of it is even in this post, even being a larger one. We have Barrel-Aged Salted Caramel Stouts, Hibiscus and Coriander Sours and of course IPAs, ranging from 5.5% ABV all the way up to heavy double IPAs, some that are certainly sought after.  Click each individual beer name for more information!

Foundation Afterglow-A solid IPA from Maine.  Excellent brewery.  Limited!
Maine Beer Woods and Waters IPA-Fantastic stuff.  Very limited.

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Colonial Spirits is in the Holiday Spirit with Staff Picks!

We’re staying in the holiday spirit by offering up some staff picks as gift ideas! We will likely do this at least another time or two!
-Little Book Bourbon is a VERY limited release by Booker’s.
-E.H. Taylor Rye is $20 off for the holidays or until gone! This is a STEAL and beloved staff pick!
-Meerlust Red is the newest edition from one of the most esteemed South African Estates and is on sale!
-Walt Pinot Noir is by the Hall Family and is nicely fruited, loved by staff, also on sale!
-Spencer Holiday Ale…but wait, this is an aged 2015 edition straight from the Monks’ Cellars!
-Berkshire Holidale is an excellent, affordable barleywine that comes once a year!  A perennial staff favorite!
-Lamplighter Raspberry Fields is an

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Colonial Spirits Bordeaux Wine Dinner at Rapscallion

Together with Rapscallion, Aquitaine, and Colonial Spirits of Stow, we are inviting all to join us for our 3rd Wine Dinner this year.
Rapscallion is one of the kings of local, fresh food.  Aquitane is one of the best-known importers of Bordeaux.  These are NOT your average food and wine pairings, folks.  Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity.

When & Where: Monday, October 2nd, 2017.  Rapscallion Table and Tap will be opening up their doors to host a Bordeaux-centric wine dinner. 5 courses, 6 glasses of wine, and all for the fair price of $75 per person (Tax and Gratuity not included). If you would like to RSVP call Rapscallion at 978.429.8161.

To learn more about Aquitane, Click Here

To learn more about Rapscallion Table

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