Stony Creek

Stony Creek hasn’t even been in Massachusetts for a full year and they are already popping up everywhere.  Beautiful logos, interesting styles and a strong command of hops, these Connecticut brewers are not trying to fly away anytime soon.  Just in time for our tasting, they have just released Stony Joe, a golden mocha stout.  Golden stouts are going to start popping up more and more.  They are just what they sound like, a stout that pours golden yellow.  It’s a style I am still figuring out, so get in on the early days to say you’ve had one.   On top of Stony Joe, we’ll be tasting the Crankys in varying sizes.

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Goose Island Wild Ale #2

We did this back in October and it was a lot of fun.  So much fun that we decided to do it all over again.  December 2nd, starting at 6pm, we will be opening bottles of Sofie and Matilda from this year as well as bottles of Lolita, Juliet, Halia, Madame Rose, and Gillian all from 2015. With wild ales like these, we found that giving them a year to sit and mellow out was the right call, so we’re doing it again.  Keep an eye out for an email in which you can RSVP to.  This was a fun, relaxed tasting in which we had some fun with some very nice, rather expensive beers.  It is a great opportunity to try a $30 bottle of fruit added sour ale without paying the $30 price tag.  It does hurt that instead of one, we will be tasting five.

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